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Q: What is the Hardest Part of Finishing a Book?

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

A: Marlene Byrne

The hardest thing to do is “finish.” Most writers agree their copy can always be re-edited or nuances updated.

I tend to rewrite early sections; going back to connect the storyline while I write. Because I am always going back to edit in new details, I always feel like the beginning of my story is more polished than the ending. During final editing, I try to start in the middle of the book a few times to ensure the final chapters get the same attention as the first ones.

Every author struggles with saying their story is done because it's a vulnerable moment. Perhaps, we're never really done because there are things we would always change. Some writers never read their work again once they publish. It’s too easy to be your own worst critic.

I give myself the “one last shot” read-through before I decide to publish. During that read, I commit to the story and content. I still have butterflies about handing it off but I make myself concentrate on the next project.

For me, always having that next idea gets me past the hump.

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