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Q: What is a Book's Position Statement?

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

A: Marlene Byrne

A position statement is the best way for writers to define their book’s audience. It is a simple sentence that explains both the reason for the book and what the intended readers will get out of the storyline.

Here are the positioning statements for two of my books.

  • MUSIC HAS LEGS helps adults who have charitable tendencies and good intentions in life read an inspirational story about how impactful helping others can be.

  • PROJECT PLAY books help children who need to learn creativity understand backyard games they can play with their friends.

As you look to write your next story, define the reason by filling in the blanks for this simple statement. It will help narrow your audience as well as provide a framework for the “WHY” your story needs to be heard.

For your book, fill in these blanks…

My book helps _____________ who _____________understand____________________.

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