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Q: How Do You Conquer Writer's Block?

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

A: Marlene Byrne, Author

Any author will admit that on some days the words flow and on others it's impossible to string together one sentence.

For me, I am defined as a "plotter." I create an outline for my books prior to writing a single chapter. My outline is NEVER realized when I finish, but it provides a sort of roadmap to my journey.

When I feel like I have lost momentum in my writing, I put aside that section of the book. I move to another chapter or create a vignette story that I want in the story without knowing exactly where it will fit.

When I get really stuck, I return to my character development sheets. I like to detail each character's idiosyncrasies, their physical characteristics and their relationship to others in the story. I almost always find inspiration as I review and extend the character profiles.

If I am really stuck in my writing, I get up and give my mind a break. Doing something different like visiting a museum or hiking in nature can provide an opportunity to get the creative juices flowing. Getting away from the computer - or the "trees" - can give you a new view of the forest.

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