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Our focus on good stories.

We focus on good storytelling that inspires and gives readers a story that is fictional or based on a true story. Our best books change the way people look at the world because they had made change in a positive way. More importantly, we respect authors and want to be a resource. We respond to any submission with honest productive feedback, whether the project is accepted or not.


Project Execution

We are here to help you get a story to print even if we can't promise a best seller. If we like your idea or manuscript, we will assist in creating an opportunity to get your story told. We design, layout, publish, and assist in finding a space for your book to sell. You can receive promotional assistance and guidance to capture the attention of your audience.

Open Book
Several Open Books


The Steps to Contact.

Submit your idea in a 500-word explanation along with a description of your writing experience to our offices. We will review the concept and ask for a writing sample if we feel it fits into our portfolio. Remember we want inspirational stories.

Submit here. 

Our team reviews ideas based upon the business profile of Good Stories Publishing. We promise to review the opportunity and provide feedback within four weeks. Sometimes the idea is perfect for our team in theme, genre and timing. Othertimes, the concept is not a perfect fit for us. If we do not align with your idea, please don't give up. Publishing is a business and finding the perfect partner can take time. Stay true to your idea and keep positive in your journey. 

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