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Q: What is Your Writing Process?

Have you ever wondered how a writer gets started and develops an exciting new idea? Maybe you’re a seasoned writer looking for a new spark of inspiration. Maybe you’re just starting out and looking for a process that works for you. It could be that you just adore books and want to learn more about the craft. At Good Stories Publishing, we take our readers behind the scenes to learn more about the magic of telling good stories.

When asked “What is your writing process?” authors Marlene Byrne and David Haznaw had this to say:


It always starts with a good story. But writing to an audience means I must consider the reader’s experience. I think about taking them on a journey; asking myself where that journey ends. In my outline, I formulate the peaks and valleys to make them turn each page with anticipation. The outline is my roadmap. Each chapter is developed and linked to the next. I want to tell the story in a way that creates emotion and keeps my readers engaged with the book.


I also see the value in having an outline, but for me, the outline doesn’t necessarily come first. When I get an idea, I need to document it immediately: either by writing it down, speaking it into my phone or sitting down at the computer and just “starting.” This gets my energy up and compels me to continue to explore the idea to see if it has merit. If I’m writing for or with someone else, I like to discuss the project/idea and then leave it alone for hours or even days to let my subconscious mind work on it. (You can’t force creativity, in mind opinion.) Then, I come back to it and start crafting.

Every human being is different – that means every writer approaches the blank page in a unique way. Hear David and Marlene in conversation about character development, writing partners, what makes a good story, and more in our “Writing Good Stories” portal.

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