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"Do Not Discard" Book Club Contest

The national book club challenge of 2023 was a great success. Book clubs were asked to read, discuss and review Marlene Byrne's book, "Do Not Discard."

"I turned over the last page with disappointment," said Liz from the Brookfield, WI book club. "I was ready to keep reading about Sam's incredible story and all the people who helped him succeed."

The book has received rave reviews and been a favorite for book clubs.

"I think the inspirational, true story of Sam provides a wonderful forum for book club members to discuss their own challenges and how they overcome hard times," said Marlene Byrne, author. "Sam's story helps inspire people to take control of their lives, face the hard obstacles, and grab on to new opportunities."

Book clubs were able to meet the author either in person or online as part of the experience.

"My book club had so much to say. It was the liveliest discussion we’ve had in years!" said Ellie from Chicago. "The story of Sam goes from surviving tragedy to thriving in life. It makes you feel inspired to do the same."

"I love talking with book clubs about what they like to read and share," said Byrne. "True stories like Sam's are real and relevant to the challenges we all face every day."

Byrne says she is open to talking with book clubs and can be contacted on her website at

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