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Look Everywhere for Inspiration

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

As writers, we’re constantly told we need to read to improve our writing. That’s true, we need to read and write … a lot. But we also need to keep our eyes and ears open because inspiration is everywhere.

Recently, I watched “Underdog,” a documentary about the life of Steph Curry. If you’re a basketball fan, I don’t have to tell you about this NBA megastar (and fantastic golfer), but if you’re not into sports, this brief description of the Apple+ documentary gives some context for his journey.

The remarkable coming-of-age story of Stephen Curry, one of the most influential, dynamic, and unexpected players in basketball history and his rise from an undersized college player to a four-time NBA champion.

I am a sports fan, but that’s not the only reason I enjoyed this piece. I liked it because it was well written, interesting throughout and beautifully produced. Also, it inspired me not only because of Curry’s story as an undersized player who had to beat the odds at every stage of his life and career, it was captivating way the producers, writers and directors presented his life and relationships on and off the court.

Two things came to mind as I watched this piece:

1. The focus or climax of a story doesn’t always have to be what people think it should be (i.e., Curry’s multiple championships or MVP awards).

2. My inspiration doesn’t have to come solely from reading, but rather all types of media, art and life experience.

The description listed above is correct, but it leaves out a big part of the documentary. Without giving it away (in case you’re still planning to watch it), the critical subplot – the real thread – is not so much his rise to fame, his ongoing “beat-the-odds” story or his multiple championships. It’s something else; something more relatable and human that brings all the elements of the story together and shows who Steph Curry really is as a person, a father, a son, a teammate, a spouse and a friend.

“Underrated,” a documentary, inspired my writing, showing me that we can always find new and different ways to tell stories, ones that inspire, surprise, entertain and educate.

It’s the same way with music, art, architecture and the personal interactions we have every day. Let all those things – those objects, sights, sounds, smells and experiences – inspire and drive you to find new and exciting ways to tell your stories.

Inspiration comes from everywhere.

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