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Cover of the Do Not Discard book has a young boy with his head on his knees and a backpack at his side.


Marlene Byrne

"Do Not Discard" is a new book based on the true-life story of Sam, an orphan who was thrown in the trash as an infant and became a college graduate. The book chronicles Sam’s story from a garbage dump in El Salvador as he rises above adversity in an orphanage and the streets of El Salvador to arrive in Chicago.


A central focus of the book is the significance of having dreams and reaching for your goals. By weaving Sam’s story, author Marlene Byrne shows readers that they can overcome even the most difficult of circumstances. Sam’s journey is as inspirational as it is real.


Sam’s journey showcases the importance of dreaming big,” said Byrne. “Be inspired to never give up on your dreams by Sam’s true-life story.”

Photo of Marlene Byrne Author

Marlene Byrne

I grew up in the small town of Brillion, Wisconsin. And like many small towns, the people around me cared deeply about each other. When you grow up in a positive environment, you begin to understand the importance of being a good influence. 


My career in advertising allowed me to hone my writing skills. It also brought me to know NPH, a fundraising group for nine orphanages in Central and South America. Because of NPH, I would meet Sam and my life would be changed forever. I hope his story changes your life too. 

"Do Not Discard" is a story based on the life of Sam, an orphan from El Salvador. He was discovered in the trash dump as a newborn.  Sam grew up in the NPH orphanage and grabbed hold of a chance to get his bachelor's degree in the U.S. His story inspires us all to dream big and take control of our destiny.

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